Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach: Tranquil Shores on the Bay of Bengal

Mandarmani, a newly developed beach tourist town, is close to Kolkata, West Bengal. Due to its superior amenities and comforts, it has a high chance of becoming a top tourism destination. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Mandarmani is a terrific spot to be because of its beautiful environment, sand beaches, and incredible air of luxury. 

A crazy high-speed ride on the beach at Mandarmani, which is possibly the longest motorable beach in India, may provide you the ultimate thrill together with some time to relax at the beach. Around 180 kilometers from Kolkata, on the Kolkata-Digha highway, lies a beach resort that is largely undiscovered but is starting to attract more visitors. 

Mandarmani is a wonderful location to simply lay on the beach and watch the sunset over the breaking waves. The stretch here is around 13 km long and is the longest motorable beach road in India. It tempts drivers to slam on the gas and enjoy a pleasure unlike any other. 

Things to do

Mandarmani Beach Things to do

The ideal location for individuals seeking tranquility, leisure, and enjoyable activities is Mandarmani. It offers a little something for every kind of traveler who has chosen Mandarmani as their go-to place for long drives and as their perfect long weekend vacation. Let’s look at the list of activities visitors can partake in throughout their brief visit. 

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Drive on the Beach: 

Drive your way through the shoreline at Mandarmani Beach. The largest motorable beach in the nation is located in Mandarmani. It is ideal for taking a leisurely ride along the beach because it is 13 kilometers long. It is a beautiful sensation as you blow through the beach with the sea as company. However, it is no longer as vacant as it once was, and this could lead to accidents, therefore a certain amount of caution must be exercised.

Go on a Beach walk: 

A calm walk on the seashore is the best thing possible. The beach is without a doubt Mandarmani’s top tourist destination. It is what visitors are there to see. Walking along the beach first thing in the morning while taking in the dawn and the boats sailing out into the distance is quite reviving. The soothing sea wind is delightful and aids in calming tense nerves.

Beach Hopping: 

Many beautiful beaches are close by in Mandarmani, which is a blessing. Tourists can reach some undiscovered treasures within a 30- to 1-hour trip. The beaches in Tajpur and Udaipur are unspoiled and spotless, with thick tamarisk and casuarina tree forests enclosing them. It’s exhilarating to be here because of the seclusion, beauty, and tranquility. There is the popular but less congested Shankarpur Beach, which is ideal for a romantic getaway. Then there is Digha, which is a favorite Bengali tourist attraction.

Shopping at Mandarmani: 

Being a small seaside vacation town, Mandarmani lacks large stores and malls. However, there are stores where you may get warm, freshly roasted cashew nuts. They offer delicious cashews that are of high grade. The nearby cashew plantations are what account for the wide variety offered here. 

Pick up a few packets for yourself and as gifts. Jewelry and other things made of seashells are also highly popular. They make excellent gifts and keepsakes to preserve as reminders of the trip because they are lovely and affordable. In this region of the state, jute items are very widely used, so you may purchase lovely jute door mats or tote bags for your home. 

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Ever wondered why Bengalis love seafood, then you must not miss the delicious Bengali seafood. When visiting Mandarmani, make sure not to miss the very amazing meals you are served. You can order anything you like, from comfort food to spicy food. Being close to the ocean allows you to enjoy delectable seafood including crabs, prawns, and lobsters. 

They are carefully handled and prepared under hygienic settings after being freshly hauled in from the sea. If you love fish, Bengal is the place to be because no one prepares fish dishes better than Bengalis. Both independent eateries and those inside your resorts deliver delicious food.

Stay at beautiful beach resorts: 

You might stay at one of the several beach resorts nearby to completely appreciate Mandarmani’s splendor. A variety of lodging alternatives are available, ranging from luxurious resorts with all the facilities to more affordable hotels. You can experience a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, wake up to the sound of the waves, and get some much-needed rest here.

Visit the nearby Fishing Village: 

You can explore the neighborhood and discover more about the locals’ way of life in the fishing village of Mandarmani. Visit the fish market where you can see the fisherman bring in their catch and perhaps go fishing for yourself. You can discover more about the locals’ spiritual practices by going to the nearby temples and shrines.

Beach Camping: 

Camp out under the stars on Mandarmani’s stunning beaches and feel the rush of adventure. Build a bonfire, pitch a tent, and take in the calming sound of the waves lapping at the shore. Camping on the beach enables you to escape the bustle of the city and fully experience the serene atmosphere of the seaside. Enjoy a beautiful dawn when you awaken and spend the day leisurely enjoying the beach.

Thrilling water activities: 

The immaculate beaches and crystal-clear waters of Mandarmani make the ideal setting for exhilarating water sports. Jet skiing, banana boat excursions, speed boating, parasailing, and kayaking are all available to thrill seekers. You may experience the rush as you float through the waves, feel the wind in your hair, and take in the spectacular vistas of the Bay of Bengal. Visitors of all skill levels can enjoy a safe and thrilling experience thanks to the qualified instructors and well-kept equipment.

Places to visit nearby

Mandarmani Beach Places to visit

Mandarmani Beach: 

This 13-kilometer-long stretch of pristine beach is Mandarmani’s main draw. It offers a tranquil atmosphere, calm waves, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Take leisurely strolls down the beach, create sandcastles, or simply unwind while taking in the sun.

Chandaneswar Temple: 

This respected Hindu shrine, which is close to Mandarmani, draws devoted visitors from all over the world. The temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a significant pilgrimage site due to its exquisite architecture and spiritual atmosphere.

Red Crab Island: 

Set out on an exciting boat ride to Red Crab Island, which is renowned for having a significant red crab population. Watch these intriguing critters scurry across the sand beach to create a colorful show that is exclusive to this island.

Bichitrapur Mangrove Forest: 

Discover the fascinating world of mangroves at Bichitrapur, a substantial mangrove forest close to Mandarmani. Take a boat ride through the constrained waterways to view the abundant variety and contemplative beauty of this distinctive habitat.

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The best time to visit

Winter (November to February): Due to the beautiful weather and cozy temperatures, winter is regarded as the finest season to visit Mandarmani. The temperature falls to between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, providing a relaxing setting for outdoor activities. You may relax and take it easy on the beach, engage in water activities like jet skiing and banana boat excursions, or just take in the tranquil atmosphere. This time of year, the famed red crabs may be seen lining the shoreline, and the clear skies and calm seas make for breathtaking sights.


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