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15+ Charming Nightlife Hotspots in India: Where to Party and Play

Filled with culture, traditions, rich history, natural beauty abundance, and stunning geography India is one of the most amazing tourist destinatons in the world. Not only for nature enthusiasts and adventure freaks there are various options for party lovers and nightlife lovers as well. From dancing the whole night to eating tasty food in an amazing club, each city in the sub-continent has a center for late-night activities but the fun varies from destination to destination. 

Other than the party places the cities also offer lip-smacking food, stunning night markets, and wonderful sightings to keep you engaged. night. Even some cities host live concerts and beach parties for every wanderlust. The country provides a brilliant nightlife with promising fun and excitement. So if you are someone who loves going to clubs and enjoying the whole night you should experience the nightlife in India.

Best city for nightlife in India

Thinking about which city to visit to enjoy the nightlife in India? Here is a list of cities you should visit to enjoy nightlife in India.


nightlife in Mumbai

Mumbai popularly known as Mayanagri and City of Dreams is not just the city of Bollywood and glamor, it is the best city for nightlife in India. Mumbai never sleeps, it is said that Mumbaikars work hard during the day and party even harder during the night. Whether to get over the tiredness of Monday or to have fun with friends on Saturday, Mumbaikars have always found a reason to party. 

There are various incredible clubs, pubs, discotheques, etc. all over the city where you can enjoy delicious food, music, and dance until the sun rises. Plus there are many clubs that host live events and parties where famous bands, international celebrities, and DJs are invited to entertain the audiences. 

If you are not in the mood for the party you can cut to the beaches and watch the beautiful stars or take a walk on the serene and everyone’s favorite Marine Drive. 

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nightlife in Goa

Filled with nightclubs, beaches, and fun Goa is a place for party lovers. The party capital of India is famous for hosting rave parties, best beach parties, and full moon trance parties with dance, loud music, neon lights, and yummy food. It is home to many stunning discotheques and pubs for party lovers all year round. Goa has every type of nightlife imaginable. 

There are many places in Goa that host international festivals and jazz concerts that you shouldn’t miss. Apart from having fun at the parties you can also explore the night market or experience a quaint beachside bonfire barbeque night.


nightlife in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a beautiful city that houses some of the best bars, nightclubs, and lounges where you can eat, drink, and dance to loud music. There are many late-night dhabas, live music venues, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy at night. 

From budget-friendly street eateries to lavish restaurants there is a lot to explore in Chandigarh at night. Whether partying is your thing or not there are various things you can try like exploring the city. Why enjoy it elsewhere when you can experience the nightlife in the energetic city itself? 


nightlife in Delhi

If the definition of nightlife for you includes other things than partying and clubbing then the capital of India, Delhi is the place for you. The city has something for everyone. When you decide to have fun at night in Delhi you decide to say goodbye to your sleep. The city is filled with many restaurants, clubs, discotheques and bars. 

You can also spend the evening in peace at any of the Capital’s endless monuments like experiencing late-night drives down Delhi’s roads and enjoying its street food. And if you are in the mood for late-night shopping you can enjoy that too because malls are open till late. 


nightlife in Pune

Pune is majorly known for its nightlife. The discos, lounges, bars, and clubs attract party lovers from all over the country. The city’s major population includes students and office-goers who love partying till the wee hours. 

The city hosts amazing rock shows and musical concerts almost every night. The city is quite vibrant and happening and is home to the best thematic bars that are visited by both locals and tourists. You should visit Koregaon Park’s Swig Bar and Eatery to enjoy a vintage-themed party.


nightlife in Bangalore

The Garden City of India is well known for its vibrant nightlife. The city will leave you spellbound with its vivacious and young nightlife. Some locals go to restaurants for dining while others go to clubs to dance and chill with friends. There are many live events of award-winning performers hosted in Bangalore. 

You can also go to the beaches to enjoy some time alone. Therefore try to reach the clubs early to enjoy nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs for a bit longer. Overall Bangalore is a place that offers the best nightlife experience for party freaks. 

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nightlife in Hyderabad

Hyderabad the city of Nawab consists of posh lounges, amazing nightclubs, and bars playing upbeat dance music. It is one of the best places to experience nightlife, especially in South India. When you have  Nawabi cuisine, dance, and music you won’t need anything else. 

If you want to experience live theater and music there are ample options. Hyderabadis know how to make the most of their weekends and after-work hours. Other than partying you can go on a long drive, shop at local markets, go karting at Shamshabad Go Kart Track, and indulge in many other fun activities.


nightlife in Kolkata

Love nightclubs and parties the City of Joy is the place for you. The place is dotted with eateries, pubs, bars, and clubs, which are open till late. There are plenty of amazing places around the city. Kolkata’s Park Street is a wonderful place for party enthusiasts. 

Other than housing the best pubs and bars in Kolkata the area has many clubs where tourists can enjoy live music and tasty food. The night hotspot also hosts Ladies’ nights, Jazz Nights, Live music performances, live sports screenings, and other things for nightlife lovers. From DJs to great food Kolkata is a place for party lovers.


nightlife in Jaipur

Do you know this royal place is also an amazing destination for nightlife lovers? Famous for its amazing history, The Pink City is one of the top places in India for partying and clubbing. There is something that makes Jaipur’s nightlife different from the rest. The parties here are filled with a unique royal opulence, which all the visitors should experience. 

The city looks different after sunset as the attention of tourists shifts from visiting historical sites to enjoying nightclubs, lounges, bars, discotheques, and pubs. It hosts live music concerts and dance shows regularly, making it one of the most famous cities in India.


nightlife in Chennai

The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and is popular among tourists for its awesome nightlife in India. Chennai is peppered with some wonderful lounges, pubs, and nightclubs. From food to dance and music the top party places in Chennai offer all. Plus the city’s nightlife is not only restricted to clubs and pubs, it has something for non-partying people also. 

Therefore if you are someone who likes nights out without loud music and crowds you can dine at famous restaurants, take a walk at Marina Beach, watch a movie, or go for a long drive.

Best places for nightlife in India 

places for nightlife in India

Explored the places the whole day but still not in the mood to call for a day? How about exploring the city at night and enjoying it with great music and delightful food? Thinking where to go here are some places you must visit to enjoy the nightlife in India:

Night Cruise Tour in Mumbai

Night Cruise Tour in Mumbai

How about spending the night with your partner on a private yacht and having a candlelight dinner, sounds romantic right? You can experience this on a Night Cruise Tour in Mumbai. 

McDonald’s in Delhi 

McDonald's in Delhi

Who does not love to eat fries and burgers at McDonald’s? All the locals of Delhi drop by McDonald’s. If you don’t want to party you can go to McDonald’s and have the delicious fries, burgers, and ice cream.

Club Pangaea in Delhi

Club Pangaea in Delhi

Located in Hotel Ashoka in Chanakyapuri the club is amongst the famous places in Delhi. The club witnesses an electrifying crowd. The ambiance and intoxicating red lamps attract the people.

Ice-The Taj in Bangalore

Ice-The Taj in Bangalore

It is a nightclub situated inside one of the most lavish hotels in the city, Vivanta by Taj. It is among the best places for nightlife in India. The clubs follow a strict entry policy therefore make a booking prior to enjoying nightlife at this beautiful club.

Pebble-The Jungle Lounge Bangalore

Pebble-The Jungle Lounge Bangalore

Pebble is famous for its electronic music which ranges from Psytrance to Dubstep and Deephouse. You can dance in the open area here as the DJs start the music. You can also enjoy having the tasty food served here.


To wrap up, if you are planning a trip to any place in India make sure you explore a city where you can enjoy India’s nightlife. In the evening go clubbing and have fun dancing, enjoy a quaint dinner by the sea with your partner, sit on the beach, and enjoy some time alone or with your friends visiting local night markets. Make a lot of memories and experience the nightlife in different cities. But be cautious for safety reasons, try avoiding strangers in clubs, if you are a college-going person then tell your parents before going to clubs and avoid excessive drinking.


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